It takes a community to keep our children safe. Here is how you can help with our mission to keep every child safe.

Sponsor a safety workshop for 50 children - Rs. 750/-

A Safety Club Teacher will conduct a workshop for 50 children at a government school and provide the classroom with a Safety Club poster and two Safety Club books for the class library.

Add-On: Sponsor Safety Club books for 50 children: Rs.1,250

On your behalf: We will give every child a Safety Club book that contains beautiful illustrations of the Safety concepts, so the child can carry the book in the school bag and review safety concepts for reinforcement and share with younger siblings at home.

Sponsor a School:

The price for sponsoring a school would depend on the number of children in a school. If you are interested in sponsoring safety training for entire school, please email us at info@safetyclub.org and will send you a custom proposal. Sponsors will receive photos of the workshops conducted on their behalf and signed feedback forms from the schools.